Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking

It may surprise you but the hardest thing to battle in your efforts to stop smoking are the mental demons. The physical addiction can be managed but place yourself in a situation that triggers the “mind” to look for a cigarette – now that is real difficult to resist for any lengthy period of time. Look internally – do you really and we mean really want to stop smoking?

lose weight with hypnotherapy

Lose Weight

Hypnotic Therapy for weight loss has been proven to be more effective than diet and exercise alone for people looking to lose weight.

Why does it work better than other options? The mind is incredibly powerful as we all know. By using the power of hypnosis, we can influence the mind to change bad habits like overeating and food selection with long lasting effects.

Lose Weight With Lap Band Hypnotherapy

Hypnotic Lapband

For many people, losing weight is almost impossible without help and support. Medical procedures of any kind are always a risk for things like infection and healing issues.

Medical Lap Banding is no different. 

Hypnotically induced Lap Banding creates the same result in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, it is pain free and has no potential medical issues. The results are amazing.

improve athletic performance with hypnotherapy

Improve Athletic Performance

It is a well known fact that most if not all athletes perform better during training and under simulated competition than under actual competition stress. 

This can be overcome and you can perform at your peak or very, very close to it with a simple Hypnotherapy session specifically designed by one of the World’s leading Hypnotherapists to relax and focus your mind allowing your training to take over. 

study recall with hypnotherapy

Study recall

Very few us do not suffer from nerves before and during an Exam or Test.  This is both normal and healthy because it shows you are emotionally involved and in a state of “readiness”.

However, the problem for many of us is recalling the information right when it’s needed during the exam or test.

Obviously you do need to have done the work BUT that can be all the more frustrating. You know the answer but just cannot access it under duress. How many times do you remember the answer when the exams are over and it’s too late?

stop gaming addiction with hypnotherapy

Stop Gaming Addiction

The Fortnite addiction
Some kids are so hooked on this free-to-play game, that they are now fighting game addiction. One side effect of the obsession is losing weight because teens won’t stop playing long enough to eat.

Are you a parent with a child who is either falling into this addiction or already has? OR is your partner, family member or friend in the same position? I know we talk about this all the time and it is a real and present danger to many, many people of all ages and the perception out there is that there is very little that can be done to stop this. Wrong! There is a very simple, very effective and cheap option that is available for you right now.
Improve Sales Techniques With Hypnotherapy

Sales Techniques

Just Imagine – Having The Power To Get People To Stop & Listen. Not only will they Stop and Listen to you but they will even take action on what you say!

Start thinking about the amazing and priceless power of Hypnotic words, and how you can use them to help yourself and others to fulfil their lives. Any Hypnotherapist will tell you of the power of hypnotic words and how they work. Certain words have very powerful meanings and when said the right way will have an unbelievable effect on the unconscious mind.

If you have an issue other than what you have seen here and are wondering whether Hypnotherapy can help you, please contact us