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Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated six million people around the globe are killed every year at the hands of the only legal drug in circulation – tobacco. Regardless of whether you tend to smoke tobacco or enjoy it in its smokeless form, which is by the way considerably more dangerous and addictive, you are inevitably gambling with not only your life but also with the lives and sentiments of those you love.

John has developed a STOP Smoking Hypnosis Formula that is PROVEN to work for anyone regardless of how many cigarettes a day they smoke.

His unique Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program involves changing the way you think about cigarettes and how you associate smoking with other activities.


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It’s Just A Cigarette

Every other person has a ‘crutch’ – something to latch on to during times of distress or just to add a little more flavor to our pastimes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative habit; it’s just the way our mind believes is the only way to cope with the situation. Think about it, do you need to smoke or do you just want to?

When we are placed in an environment that triggers certain instincts, we tend to act in a way that we know to be the only alternative. For smokers, a common trigger is the things that they tend to do simultaneously while they smoke. For example, if you associate having 10 minutes off of work with ‘lighting one up’, it’s going to be pretty hard to say no to it. Your mind probably tells you, “All right, since I’m here, I might as well have one.”. This is what hypnotherapy helps you fight against. The human mind is a complex specimen but it can be ‘reprogrammed’. My purpose is to help you retrain your mind and understand that there’s nothing more to smoking than just your demons making you falsely believe that you can’t do without it.

My meticulously designed hypnotherapy techniques will not help you merely resist smoking, but also help you become a true non-smoker. The difference between the two is that while a resistor will bravely turn down a cigarette during otherwise triggering occasions, a non-smoker wouldn’t be able to imagine anything worse than having a cigarette.

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What Hypnotherapy Isn’t

The media tends to portray hypnosis in a bad light – you are subdued, you don’t know what’s happening to you, and in most cases, you remain unconscious until it ends. However, that is far from being accurate. Even though during the sessions, you’ll appear to be in a trance, you’ll still have full consciousness of your surroundings and total control over the situation.

How Do I Do It?

My ‘Quit Smoking’ mantra involves the infusion of advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques with high-end Hypnotherapeutic methods and the repercussions last a lifetime. I incorporate all those games, that your mind plays with you, into my procedure and free you from their chains.

Access to the Subconscious Mind

How my Quit Smoking hypnotherapy works is that it provides a sure way into the depths of the unconscious mind, thus allowing the brain to be much more susceptible to taking in instructions and suggestions. This enables your mind to venture on a constructive path and consider changing the residual pattern that inadvertently causes you to smoke. This is the primary reason as to why hypnotherapy proves to be a highly powerful tool in helping people ‘break the habit’.

After entering into a state of trance through hypnotherapeutic means, the subconscious level of your mind becomes much more responsive to empowering and constructive suggestions. Your brain will unhesitatingly receive and understand what will be advised to you during the time. Any recommendations conveyed to you in such a state tend to have a prevailing effect in helping you get off of those paths that guide you toward smoking.

The First Session

You should anticipate the first session to revolve around the following key points:

  • A look back into how it all began – your first cigarette encounter
  • Shedding light on what happens when you quit smoking
  • A discussion on my methods and ensuring your comfort level
  • Diving straight into the Hypnosis and NLP techniques
  • Providing you with support materials to confirm that you remain smoke-free for life

Highly effective hypnosis to stop smoking is now available wherever you live, and not just Gold Coast or Brisbane. In fact a Skype call can be just as effective. The treatment is exactly the same as you would receive if John personally visited you, only it’s much more convenient for you. It also comes with unlimited support.

The mind plays a big part in keeping the smoker from quitting because smokers tend to think they won’t be able to handle the unpleasant side effects, or perhaps they have tried and failed in the past and think nothing works for them.

After your session you will continue to have complete support from John anytime you require it.

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Are you ready to quit?

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Why Gold Coast Hypnotist?

I truly understand that every smoker has a deep-rooted pattern engraved somewhere on his/her brain and it doesn’t tend to go away unless it is replaced. My approach toward hypnotherapy aims to eliminate that pattern and go right at the source. Having enabled people to quit smoking just after the first session, my procedure assures positive results. Rest assured, I will help you inculcate healthy habits in place of smoking so you can appear younger and fresh and live much longer.

So, do you want to know how to quit smoking? Come and attend a Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy session here at my office in the Gold Coast and be prepared to have your subconscious mind completely transformed.

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